Resilience Retreat for Women

Are You Ready For a Breakthrough?

Introducing Resilience Retreat
Are you going through an exciting and/or challenging transition in your life?
Do you want to move forward without fear and trepidation?
Have you set goals for yourself before but lost steam on the way to achieving them?

Join us for 3 days of relaxation, transformation and infinite possibilities in a safe space where you’ll find clarity and the tools to help you make a breakthrough.  Imagine realigning and nourishing your mind, body and spirit and breaking through those limiting beliefs that hold you back.



October 4, 2018 To October 7, 2018

Address :
South Coast Winery
34843 Rancho California Road
Temecula, California 92591

About Dr. Michele D'Amico CPC CELC - Performance Coach

We all deserve to live a fabulous life, full of joy, energy and success. I will help you clarify your goals, boost your self-confidence and find the resilience necessary to embrace, and move beyond, any challenge. We are a team united in the pursuit of your goals.  - Michele D'Amico

Michele's approach to coaching is to listen for your mental constructs and limiting beliefs...the ones that may be holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams and then challenging those beliefs. Her goal is to help you to rewrite the old story you tell yourself and others about who you are in the world.

Change your story. Change your life.

Through targeted motivational workshops and individualized coaching, she also assists organizations with energizing and motivating their employees and implementing processes that increase performance and productivity in the workplace.

Motivation. Inspiration. Transformation.

If you're looking for a coach that loves coaching and provides a truly dedicated service to each and every one of her clients, Michele D'Amico is that coach. "...the client/coach relationship is a unique and synergistic one: we are a team united in the pursuit of your goals."

As a professional coach, she provides a unique perspective as someone who can empathize, encourage, motivate, guide, support, and hold individuals accountable in increasing their awareness and gaining the ability to unlock their full potential.


Doctorate in Psychology and a certification in Organizational Psychology from California Southern University.

Professional and executive certifications from Fowler International Academy (FIA) an accredited program recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Michele follows the ICF core competencies as the foundation for her coaching model.